The different types of Secondary schools in India

The Different types of Secondary Schools in India

Secondary education takes place after six years of primary education, later on, it is followed by higher education or vocational education. Secondary education is compulsory for students. Secondary education plays a very complex role in preparing young dynamic minds for the labor market. There are diverse talents and the education standards have taken a paradigm shift. Young people should have the tools and knowledge to adapt to that change. In a country as rich and diverse as India, the best senior secondary school is in Chennai. For more details, you can enroll now.

The governments are increasingly paying attention to secondary school education. 

When the teachers see that their efforts are being rewarded, they tend to put in more effort in giving the students the best education. 

The Indian education system has made a significant amount of progress in recent years. They see to it that equal educational opportunities are available for people from all segments of society. Education ensures a stable future, that’s why it is given a very high value. 

There are different types of secondary schools in India. Following are some of the types-

  • Government schools 

These schools are both funded and run by the government. The education system faces serious challenges. Some of them are lack of adequate infrastructure, insufficient funding, etc.

  • Private schools 

 Most of the people who are middle class want to enroll their students in private schools. Private schools have many facilities. They have a trust or a board of education and are not funded by the government.

  • International schools- 

All the major cities have international schools. These schools have high-class facilities and amenities. They have many facilities such as canteen, basketball court, football pitch, tennis court, swimming pool, and many such high-end facilities.

  • National open schools

These schools are especially for the people whose education was interrupted due to some personal issues. They provide up to the higher secondary level. These schools are often open at night as many people are employed.

  • Special need school

This school is for children who have some disabilities. They provide non-formal education and formal training to children having any kind of disability.

Chennai is home to many educational institutions. Some of the schools in Chennai are amongst the best schools in the country. The senior secondary schools in Chennai have come up with different and enhanced ways of learning. High school is the time when students are on the cusp of evolving. To get to know about the kind of reforms that have taken place, enroll now!

Secondary schools in India

The premise of any academic institution is to only give the students the best education and prepare them for the various challenges life throws in front of them. Sometimes this notion is a little misconstrued as many institutes focus only on giving education to the children and not on personal development and extracurricular activities. 

The traditional schooling methods only tend to emphasize learning and memorization instead of encouraging independent and creative thinking. The parents equip students to be competitive from an early age. Many students are not able to handle such huge pressure at an early age. 

Our schools not only focus on instilling the drive to get academic success in life but we also encourage many entrepreneurship-based workshops in senior secondary schools.

This is when their minds are ignited which compels them to think and procreate. 

We believe to train students not only to be employees but also to yearn to create a future workforce that will make them distinguished leaders.

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