The Benefits of Reliability Analysis

The Benefits of Reliability Analysis

Many sages and men who claim to be wise are often found echoing a very profound sentiment, everything will eventually fail, when and how, is the question. This is probably a concept you need to familiarize yourself with if you hope to undertake reliability engineering as your career.

Reliability, the word itself holds a lot of punch. It is often used in marketing and advertising campaigns as the trigger inducing word. The reputation of many products, brands or services is either broken or made because of reliability analysis.

What is Reliability Analysis?

Reliability analysis often refers to work that is undertaken to minimize failures, improve maintenance, and shorten repair times. Reliability analysis implements tools and technology to answer two very important questions:

  1. What will fail?
  2. When it will fail?

Reliability engineers work closely with suppliers, finance, marketing and customers to ensure the operation, maintenance and retirement of systems is in place. So the main goal of reliability analysis is to create a product that meets or surpasses customer expectations but never falls short of it.

That being said, here are some benefits of Reliability Analysis.


Time is always on the line when trying to create a product or deliver a service. Unexpected failures can cost precious time for both customers and manufacturers. Keeping a reliability engineering system in place not only saves time but also ensures the ultimate product meets all quality standards.


Products created are always conditioned on the expectations of their customers. As your customers are satisfied with what is served to them, you can rest easy knowing that the product is working as expected.

Reliability analysis perfectly optimizes both cost and customer satisfaction to the delight of businesses.

Prevent Production Failures

Some products require a run-in or burn-in approach to eliminate failed products from the system, thus adding up the losses in terms of both cost and raw material. Reliability engineering ensures there are no run-ins or burn-ins, and product failures are minimized substantially during production.


Downtime is the enemy of sufficient throughput. By applying predictive and preventative measures this downtime can be minimized substantially. So as operating cost are minimized, the throughput in production rises


A call to service report, product return, and failure analysis are all parts of an unreliable product, all of which can cost a business a lot in warranty compensations. A well-made product will work effectively without defects throughout its warranty period, thus saving the company from any incumbent losses.


As failures are minimized, so is the cost for spare parts. As the cost of spare parts is reduced, so is the cost of its logistics. A well-functioning product can work wonders in saving oodles of money in both distribution and transportation costs.


Some products can pose a risk or life-threatening danger to their users.  In the cases of such products, it is highly imperative that the product is manufactured without any defects.  A dangerous product out of the factory and into the customer’s hand can spell disaster for both the customer and the business. Reliability analysis ensures the product manufactured is safe enough to be sold to their customers.

Less Liability

Product damages can become a liability for a company, a product that eats up all the expenses of production and doesn’t produce anything in revenue. This is long-term is not good for the future profitability of any company. Reliability engineering ensures you have a quality product that is bound to make you more money.

The Bottom Line

Reliability analysis is a mandatory practice in the manufacturing world, even as we venture further and further into the era of automation. Many institutions today offer Online Reliability Analysis Courses that are intuitive and teach their students a practical approach to conducting the reliability engineering process. If you are someone who is keen on getting a Reliability analysis course certification, then we insist you get one online as the field today is hotter than it has ever been.