The Appeal of Using Splashbacks for Your Kitchen


If you are a homemaker reading this article. Then it would be correct for us to assume that you spend most of your time in the kitchen. As such, you would want your kitchen to have a stunning look, and not be such an eyesore every time you enter it.

So if you are someone who is interested in transforming your kitchen into a thing of beauty, then we know how you can accomplish that.

Kitchen splashbacks have been around for a very long time. Available in different types, colours, and sizes, they have changed how kitchens look throughout the world.

Apart from its obvious aesthetic benefits, splashbacks also have some very fundamental practical benefits as well.

In this article, we will try to understand how kitchen splashbacks are the aesthetic and pragmatic choice you need to be making for your kitchen this year.

So without much further ado, let’s get started.

Benefits of Kitchen Splashbacks

Easy To Clean

Like we said, your kitchen is a place of creation. A place where sumptuous delicacies are conjured for you and your family’s personal delight. So it is only obvious that it also happens to be a place that ends up with a mess.

Hence, every decision you make in terms of designing your kitchen should also take into consideration a practical way of keeping and maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen.

Glass Splashbacks, in particular, due to its sleek and flat characteristics, makes for a convenient cleaning process. Spills, stains, and grime can all be easily cleaned up on a glass kitchen splashback.

Protecting Kitchen Walls

We have already discussed how kitchens are always susceptible to mess, and kitchen walls are always the usual victims. Kitchen walls are almost always the victims of stains, spills, grime, etc.

Glass splashbacks with their convenient cleaning properties help protect kitchen walls against such filth, thus ensuring your kitchen remains clean, beautiful, and hygienic.

Acrylic splashbacks, on the other hand, are impervious to collecting dust and thus remain clean for a longer time and don’t require much effort in cleanliness.

 Great Colors to Choose From

Those of you, who believe that there is no versatility. When it comes to glass splashbacks, allow us to disappoint you. In fact, glass splashbacks are available in a variety of different colours, all designed to complement a variety of different kitchens. You’ll find glass splashbacks in an assortment of different colours – pink, orange, red, black – you name it, and you will definitely find it. You can also choose to combine colours to really test your creative prowess in making your kitchen look outstanding.


Splashbacks for kitchen make your place of cooking look like it belongs to the oligarchs of the modern era. Such is the opulence it brings to the aesthetic of your home, and you get the feeling of an elite house-hold at really affordable prices. Yes, splashbacks today are available at rates that are often easy on the pockets. So now you can give your kitchen an elite status without breaking your bank.


A glass splashback is heavier in weight, and thus need special adhesives to be gelled into the wall. It might also need special supports to keep it stuck to the wall. Acrylic, on the other hand, is easier to install because of its relatively lightweight. This isn’t really a big deal, as you do get help from the dealer in carefully installing your kitchen splashback. If it is light in weight, then you can do it by yourself.

The Bottom Line

A kitchen splashback has the ability to add some character to your kitchen. It can make your kitchen come alive with vibrant colours and creative designs. Apart from that, splashbacks for kitchens help protect your walls from damage while making the entire maintenance process fairly easier. We cannot stress this fact enough, but a kitchen splashback is the wisest investment you will be making for your home sweet home.