Social Media Marketing Trends of 2020 – What You Need to Know


It takes the right mind, investment, strategy, and obviously social media to make money online. In today’s fast-forward visual era of 2020 where technology is taking over every aspect of fledged modesty, social media adds high-value in marketing trends of your business.

Social media requires constant activeness & awareness of the ongoing latest trends, which is why you’re reading this, makes perfect sense.

We’ve discussed below some of the latest marketing trends of social media that can change the dimensions of your marketing strategies.

Collective Experience of Community + Connectivity

According to the latest trends of 2020, social media will be all about connecting with your audience & customers. It is not the product you sell, it is about the services you provide.

The 2020 marketing trend will be back on the basic where you create a positive responsive connection with your clients and observe their unsaid experience with you.

Two primary focus would be integrated in the marketing business:

  • Listen to your audience
  • What do they need from you

Make your audience feel like a part of your community. Moreover, engage them to know your future plans of innovation and progress.


Incorporation of Real Social Media Influencers

You must have been hearing this for years because this trend is never getting old. The integral part of social media marketing lies with influencers/bloggers/vloggers/speakers.

In fact, this trend is growing from time to time as people have started following social media influencers sincerely. Mainly because they update profound reviews over brands, products, places and etc. Now you can know what never knew before.

How cansocial media influencers benefit you?

  • Paid campaigns
  • Sponsorship
  • Authentic reviews

As because of their huge fan-based following, your topmost marketing strategy can take a hit by incorporating power influencers to give a fair review of your brand, company, products or services. Or you can ask them to publicize your products on their profile through a paid campaign.


Daily Ephemeral StoriesWill Expand

Story feature on social media is what exactly makes it more powerful than heavy-text-based content.

As we’re moving forward in the middle of 2020, the competition is tough when it comes to social media marketing.

When it started off from an app called Snapchat, people anticipated its refusal near soon but instead, it was the biggest hit on social media trends.

Since then story feature is apparent of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & even YouTube has its own version.

Many active brands & companies keep their unique story content prepared such as visual images, micro-videos, short-text, and poll ideas.


UGC Will Drive Haste in Marketing

2020 is all about marketing business through user-generated content (UGC).

This may not be the latest trend added on social media but it is getting swiftly adopted in recent times.

Many well-known brands and companies run various marketing campaigns and giveaways to drive UGC in their favor. Here’s how you can create user-generated content:

  • Ask your audience to use relevant hashtags on social media
  • Invest more time in interacting with your audience
  • Host giveaways & quiz to keep your followers engaged & entertained.

It’s high time you make experiments through UGC and experience a massive change with the outcome.


Video Content Will Add Essence in Social Media Marketing

Video content is hands down one of the best marketing tools on social media which is going to top the list in 2020 marketing trends.

Either short videos of stories or long video on YouTube, it has been shown in the recent study that people now invest more time watching videos than reading written content on visual platforms.