reposting on Instagram

In simple notation, the term reposting on Instagram is the act of posting a photo from the third party’s account to your account. When you look into other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can find the option of sharing or retweeting the third party’s post. Whereas on Instagram, you cannot find the option of reposting. 

Is reposting on Instagram similar to stealing content? You are taking someone else’s content and posting in your profile with due credit to the original content creator. Most of the owned content creators won’t mind when others post their content. But, if they mind for reposting their content, then the person who reposts may land in trouble with illegal issues. With additional features on the Instagram story. It allows you to repost the primary content by tagging the owner of the original content in your story making it legal. Therefore reposting content is not a legal issue any more. This article furthermore explains the secrets of why and how you must repost on Instagram. 



The post which is being reposted in your profile page is the best way to get high profile traffic. When you repost on Instagram, it brings back the attention of the original content poster. Moreover, if you add some valuable comment on the reposted content, then the third party may repost your reposted content. Generally, the reason behind this is, people on Instagram are open to the community and sharing content. Addition to that, the third-party loves to see their content which is being posted in someone’s account. 

Apart from the valuable comments, you can even add hashtags with your Instagram posts. Regular reposting of the content may create an impact that you are an active member of your community. 



There are certain rules and guidelines before reposting a content which must be followed before reposting. 

  • The first and foremost thing before you repost a content is to ask permission. This is a basic reposting etiquette where everyone must follow. The third party or the owner of the content may wrongly understand with their post which is being reposted without credit. So, it is better to ask permission from the owner before reposting a post.
  • Another basic etiquette while reposting is not to edit the reposted content. For instance, if you repost a photo, then you are supposed to use the same clearness and visibility. Don’t change things wrong and post as your own content. It may lead to some legal issues.
  • The next guidelines while reposting content, add useful comments. If you are reposting a content based on politics, then comment you are meaningful reviews in the comment box. This may make your post to stand-alone and seek everyone’s attention. 
  • Another important rule while reposting content is, give credit to the creator. While giving credit to the creator, make sure that the credit is clear and visible. This may help you from legal issues. 



If you are moving in the right way, then reposting content on Instagram does not make you land in illegal issues. Through proper protocol, you can give credits to the original content creator while reposting on Instagram. Moreover, there are certain applications which help you to repost the content on Instagram. List of applications are listed below:

  • REPOST FOR INSTAGRAM – This application works well in android and ios platforms. This application allows you to save photos and videos by giving proper credit to the original content creator. Reposting the content on Instagram is free and you can use this application for many times to repost the content. Unfortunately, when the usage exceeds the number, then you must need to subscribe and pay the subscription fee. 
  • SAVE AND REPOST FOR INSTAGRAM – This application works well only in the android platform. This application also works as a downloader. You are able to download the photos and videos which are being posted on Instagram. Once you downloaded, you can repost into your profile. 
  • REPOST VIA INSTANT – This application works well in android and ios platforms. To use the application – “Repost via Instagram”, you can simply copy and paste the URL  of the post which needs to be downloaded. Once downloaded, you are able to repost the content on Instagram.     



To increase the traffic on your profile, reposting on Instagram is the best way. The content which is shared with your friends and followers can make you increase the traffic of your profile. By making this as your regular practice, you can even attract the larger profile. By actively participating in social platforms can help you to join the conversations. Whenever you repost the content, try to follow the basic etiquettes and guidelines. These guidelines make you land safely without any illegal issues. Moreover, there are plenty of applications which helps you to repost. Repost the content with proper protocol i.e., give proper credit to the owner of the content before reposting.