Live Debate : Reservation for General Category introduced in Lok Sabha


The Narendra Modi government has introduced a bill identified with giving 10 percent booking for all financially in reverse individuals incorporating high standings in the Lok Sabha. The legislature has put the Constitution Amendment Bill in the 124th floor. Reservation for General Category the earnestness of the issue, the decision party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, issued a whip and requested that all MPs be available in the House.

This will be in the current 50 percent reservation, and as far as possible will be expanded to 60 percent. There is no arrangement of booking for monetarily in reverse individuals in the Constitution; Its base is social backwardness. It will likewise be masterminded in the constitution alteration.

Live Debate : Reservation for General Category introduced in Lok Sabha

Association Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Thawar Chand Gehlot exhibited the bill in the Lok Sabha. The discussion on the bill will begin from two o’clock. BJP MP Anurag Thakur said this while endorsing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked for the improvement of the Reservation for General Category population of the nation. This bill will profit all the monetarily in reverse individuals.

Reservation for General Category

The Narendra Modi government has made a new turn in this matter by offering 10 percent reservation for all the economically backward communities including the upper castes. It will come to all people who have not got reservation. Just before the election, with this step, the government wants to signal to all the communities that have come for reservation.

 Reservation for General Category introduced in Lok Sabha

In different parts of the country, people of different communities have been demanding reservation for a long time, some have been successful, nothing has happened. The government can say to them all that their point has been accepted. Those who got out of the Reservation for General Category will be happy with this, but they will be annoyed who are getting the benefit because new people will be in their share. Let’s take a look, on reservation movements in the last few years.

The Reservation for General Category of Kapu people group in Andhra Pradesh propelled a long development in help of the interest for reservation and the administration of Chandra Babu Naidu established Manjunath Commission for concentrate in 2017. In 2018, the legislature actualized the suggestions of the Commission, organizing 5 percent booking for the general population of Kapu people group. For this, isolated classification ‘F’ was made in Backward Class. The quantity of Kapus people group in the state is around 10 percent. Be that as it may, after this, individuals of Kamma people group, viewed as their adversaries, likewise requested reservation.

Reservation for General Category approved Govt Cabinet

The Reservation for General Category of this network are for the most part ranchers and their number is around 3 percent. Yet, Velamma, Balija and Reddy have additionally gone along with them. These are of cutting edge standings and are to a great extent in better financial conditions yet they likewise require reservation.

Pasamanda Muslims in Bihar, ie in reverse Muslims, likewise requested reservation. The interest depended on the way that Muslims in reverse networks are more regrettable in the circumstance of Hindus or at times more regrettable than them. This is the interest of the general population of the Christian people group in Kerala. In any case, both of these requests were expelled by saying that reservation should be possible based on station, not based on religion.

The  Reservation for General Category Government of Andhra Pradesh once declared 5 percent booking for Muslims, however the court rejected it as illegal. These people group can get the advantage of the proposition passed on Monday. In any case, this won’t fulfill those individuals, who have been requesting more reservation based on populace.