Petrol pumps shut in Delhi today; Arvind Kejriwal blames BJP


In the Delhi Assembly, Leader of Opposition, Vijender Gupta, has directly blamed the Delhi Government for the problems faced by the people by the strike of petrol and diesel pumps. He said that due to the stubborn attitude of the Delhi Government, everyone is facing huge losses.

He said that in the year 2015 and 2016, the Delhi government increased prices of petrol and diesel twice and said that it is to bring oil prices in Delhi equivalent to other northern states, but now when these states have reduced the prices of oil Then the government is not reducing the cost. It is the government’s ambiguousness. Due to this stubborn attitude of the government, the people of Delhi and the people of Delhi are suffering a great deal. He said that people have to go out of Delhi and buy petrol diesel.

Manoj Tiwari compares Kejriwal with Ravan

Delhi BJP BJP President Manoj Tiwari also blamed Kejriwal for the strike of the petrol pump and compared him to Ravan. Manoj Tiwari said that the Chief Minister of Delhi belongs to the Ravana trend. Like Ravana knew that he was going to be destroyed but still in his pride Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was in the same way.

He said that just as Ravana himself was submerged and destroyed his whole family, in the same way, Arvind Kejriwal himself would be drowned and Delhi would also be drowned. He said that when all BJP state governments have reduced the price of petrol and diesel then what is the problem of them?

Petrol pumps shut in Delhi today; Arvind Kejriwal blames BJP

Due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel, all petrol-diesel and CNG pumps in the capital have been closed. The Delhi Petrol Dealers Association (DPDA) has taken this decision in protest against the reduction of VAT on petrol and diesel by the Kejriwal government.

Some petrol pumps arrived at the brink of closure

Vijender Gupta has demanded that the Arvind Kejriwal government should leave its rigid stand and do VAT on petrol and diesel. The common man is forced to pay more than two and a half rupees per liter, which is causing economic burden on him. Vijender Gupta said that due to the increase in oil prices, sales of petrol and diesel have decreased in Delhi, which has reduced the revenue of petrol dealers too. They claim that some petrol pumps in Delhi have come on the verge of closure and some have begun to retire their employees.