Latest SEO trends for every website owner should be aware in 2020

Latest SEO trends every website owner should be aware

How is the search engine optimization landscape likely to evolve in 2020? What old patterns are going to die and what fresh patterns are going to grow and what Latest SEO trends will persist in the coming year?

SEO is in continuous motion, constantly moving to the extent that it’s impossible to keep up with something. In this blog post, I’ll run over some of the key SEO developments you will see in 2020. What Would be Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi NCR Help You?

1.   The era of voice search begins

Speech obviously rises in importance and always at a rather fast pace. In reality, in a few years, I feel like we would all make voice searches every few minutes around as we do with text search. Researchers say 50 per cent of all searches would be voice queries next year. Nevertheless, the amount of individuals utilizing voice assistants is rising at a very fast pace year over year.

While the field of search engines and SEO is continuously shifting and growing, the growth in the use of voice search is one of the greatest developments yet. That’s because it’s something entirely new, involving a totally different approach for optimization.

There’s one way you’d be searching for anything on Google and one way you’d tell someone about it. “You’ve got to remember, the questions they’re going to pose are going to be a little different,” says Eric Enge of Stone Temple. “So it’s going to generate a need for our material that we’re returning even if it’s a website or a return voice contact, to be able to address some more natural language inquiries.”

More surprisingly, there seems to be a very strong link with optimizing voice search and featured snippets from Google. Some quick answers you often get over all other responses, which have zero position in SERPs.

2.   Mobile search indexing is the priority of Google

Google eventually began carrying out the so-called mobile-first indexing in March 2018. A transition that many would argue has been happening for a long time. After all, mobile apps currently account for almost 60 per cent of all traffic, and that figure can only increase.

So what precisely does mobile-first indexing suggest to SEO experts and designers? The mobile-first index is less than a year old, and it’s impossible to tell just where it would be headed. But, based on the July Speed Update, what’s obvious is how critical the speed is as well as how critical it is to create a website that is genuinely sensitive, one that is not only completely usable on mobile devices but also one that runs really quickly.

“It seems like Google considers slow-loading websites as the main issue with the mobile website now, so they intend to leverage their business power to push website owners to perform better,” Duda CEO Itai Sadan told us in an interview. “Our team believes website speed is one of the key components that make up a website’s UX, so we conclude that increasing load times is the smartest thing we can do.

It’s not obvious precisely what’s happening next with mobile-first indexing, what’s evident, based on the history of Google, it’s mostly about providing navigable and easy-to-use websites to the audience, delivering a decent user interface and loads rapidly.

3.   Blockchain will affect SEO

Blockchain may mainly be correlated with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in general, but the power of blockchain would be much greater than that. And it’s not shocking because, if not digital marketing in general, it would still touch and affect search engine optimization. But how exactly does it have a real impact on SEO?

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In short, blockchain aims at creating a secure and reliable record of transactions. So it may also be used to protect search engine purchase links between website operators and marketers. Through that way, Google is the middleman between the owner of the domain and the advertiser, allowing them to trust each other so that all of these deals operate smoothly.

Yet by nature, that’s just what blockchain does only a bit more efficiently. Blockchain will check with 100 per cent precision that any consumer is who they think they are.

It will see whether a real human watched an ad and not a bot. This will help you make sure that the website owner just charges on their website for legitimate click-through. So all that would help reduce abuse of web advertising. It, of course, would have an impact not just on Google’s ad sales, but also on Latest SEO trends in general. Microsoft, among many major companies, is now partnering with blockchain-based technology to further develop services and applications.

“Websites may monitor the identity of their users using embedded schema markup, or report the number of token prizes a blog post has received. It may also quantify which visitors have added interest to other posts and what behaviour they have taken, “says Pragmatic’s creator David Lockie. “All of that can provide insight into ranking criteria to render the site more stable to an efficient social network, nearly limitless in reach.”

4.   Amazon Search Optimization is in the market

It’s hard to imagine how Amazon Search can really contend with Google. After all, it’s hard to picture yourself looking for “how to repair a bike” on Amazon, but it’s a big rival really. Most SEO experts anticipate the Amazon Search Optimization to expand exponentially over the coming year.

Unconvinced? Okay. Seventy-two per cent of customers are already using Amazon to buy items, based on a Kenshoo survey of buyers around the, and France, U.S., Germany, and the UK.

What’s perhaps more fascinating is that 56 per cent of users currently browse Amazon first before they head on other pages. Plus, they’re not just discovering goods, they’re discovering all they need for Google otherwise. In other terms, they don’t actually require another search engine to figure out what they need or want to buy, nor do any serious work before making a buying decision.

And that’s probably a fairly major challenge to search engine Like Google. If fewer people google for products, their advertising and revenue can have a big impact. And when it comes to actually placing orders, consumers choose Amazon, according to the new findings in research.

“Since more than half of all US online customers are beginning their search on, each company needs a positioning and marketing plan on the Amazon platform to be viewed among the biggest group of online shoppers,” says James Thomson, a BuyBox Experts associate. “You know more about the branding than anyone else, but make sure you’re branded reliably and correctly through as various online and offline platforms.”

Final thoughts

A lot of changes are happening right now in the digital world, including in the search engine optimization world. It’s a fun period but a little frightening too. It might not be obvious precisely what the future will hold, but it is evident that new and older innovations are starting to have a significant effect on SEO. To keep your website or blog updated with Latest SEO trends techniques, you can use these free SEO tools by Prepostseo that will certainly help you in boosting your SEO.

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