Covid19 Update:- Jhajjar Bahadurgarh are also been affected by Coronavirus

Covid19 Update:- Jhajjar Bahadurgarh are also been affected by Coronavirus

Until a day ago in Jhajjar district where there was not a single Coronavirus positive case. At the same time, five positive cases have been reported since Sunday night. This has caused a stir in the administration. In this, the first case was confirmed late in the evening, while in the report that night, another Korena patient was found. Three more Corona positive patients have emerged on Monday morning.

The first infected young man works in Sabji Mandi. Who has been sent to Rohtak after being brought to the civil hospital. District Collector Jitendra Kumar has banned visiting Sabji Mandi on Monday. The staff of Sabzi Mandi was also brought to the civil hospital on Monday morning. The doctors arrived with ambulances to bring them for examination. After the youth working in the mandi is found to be corona positive, the process of sampling all the adhatis, pulldars and others is being implemented.

Jhajjar Bahadurgarh are also been affected by Coronavirus

The second case was found in Bahadurgarh in Jhajjar. Found in Vivekanand Nagar under Ward 18 of the city, Corona Positive is a pharmacist in a private hospital in Delhi. Here he used to run a medical store and used to do Delhi updown from Bahadurgarh everyday. After Corona reported positive, the victim was admitted to PGI overnight. The victim’s wife is also a nurse at the civil hospital here, along with other relatives also took health workers to the hospital.

Covid19 Update:- Jhajjar Bahadurgarh are also been affected by Coronavirus


The process of isolating everyone and taking samples is going on. Today the entire area will be sealed. The case has been revealed through a random sample. In such a situation, the police has become strict on the traffic from Delhi. Travel history of Delhi has increased the problem of Bahadurgarh and Jhajjar. CMO Randeep Singh Poonia confirmed to have received Corona positive case. The city council has sanitized the entire area around the house of the infected youth.

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Coronavirus Update

All this was going on that in the report on Monday morning, three people from the family of police personnel of Sulodha village have been confirmed to be corona infected. The parents of the police personnel and a daughter of around one and a half to two years, all three are corona infected. Since Sunday night, five case positives have come to Jhajjar district. Civil Surgeon Dr. RS Poonia has confirmed this. Here, after the report of the three coming positive, the meeting is being discussed at the district administration level.

Let me tell you that earlier, a nurse from Bahadurgarh was found Coronavirus infected, who works in a hospital in Delhi itself. She has now returned home to her health, but her case has been counted in Delhi. There is still a doubt about the record of another corona suspect who died on Sunday. Police constables found in Gubhana village and Jhajjar Delhi have also been counted in Delhi.