Hobbs And Shaw Movie (2019) Story Cast Trailer


Hobbs And Shaw Movie follows Luke Hobs of Duke Johnson and Deckard Shaw of Jason Statham, because they join the army to prevent the villain Brixton, dominated by cyberspace, from stealing a virus that threatens the world and exposes it to the world. Idris Elba, Hollywood star, has reveal¬† . That he has written a song based on his antagonist of “Hobbs and Shaw”, Brixton . The song will appear in the next movie.

Hobbs And Shaw Movie (2019) Story Cast Trailer

Alba told Entertainment Weekly: “People know I make music for DJ and me . I can do something special that I did for any movie.”

Hobbs And Shaw Movie

Dwayne Johnson has arrived at the set of Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw . Which there are ways to insult Jason Stathum. It is January, and this pair is seen in mud and fake blood, located on a sunny rock on the Pacific Ocean in Kaui of Hawaii. They are about to shoot a rare scene, where nothing is blown, hit or moved up. The script already calls to Luc Hobbs of Johnson to declare .¬† That they will give their debilitating side to Statham’s Deckard Shaw: Robin to his Batman, Mini-Me. It seems that evil.

But when Rock gets out of his truck, so he likes to drive just to get ready, listening to the air radio on the road, the first thing he does is go to Statham and suggest new fast lines. That can hurt each other (including an impressive rat and references of men). Under a shady tree, they both work with producer Chris Morgan to create a new evil face, and when the camera rolls, they talk about the height, power, form, intelligence and intelligence of their characters. Take a pinch on. Lack of friends Finally, when Shaw complains, “I tell you with the right mouth,” director David Leech says “Cut!” And Johnson and Statham immediately leave their scoops for Grin.

Hobbs And Shaw Movie Story

Johnson, 47, says: “Jason likes to be very smart, the lines have been closed.” “I also do it, but then I also feel [like] a big headache for Jason because I like it, but it’s okay, I have not found this other idea! Take it and throw it out the window! So, how do we do this. ..?

Statham, 51, said after the phone: “I think Dwayne shares a very similar sense.” “The only difference between us is how much weight grows when the bank presses.”

The 46-year-old actor said he wrote the song in the middle of the scenes while filming the film directed by David Leech.

He then recorded the song with Cypress Hill and sent the final mix to the director, who decided to add it to the movie.

“Idris is an artist in many ways, he is an incredible actor and also a martial artist and a musician . When you are surrounded by such Hobbs And Shaw Movie artists, you just want to take advantage and support creativity and see where it is.” Leitch said, “Leech said.