Google blogspot has been sold, millions of blogs have been closed

Google has been sold, millions of blogs have been closed

There will be many of you who run your blog on Google Blogspot ( Let me tell you that this domain of Google’s blog is according to each country i.e. the country code of that country is included in this domain. For example, the Indian domain has .in. Google released this country based domain feature in the year 2012.

Now you will be shocked to know that the Indian domain of Google Blogspot i.e. is now expiring. Now Google is not in the mood to keep this domain running, so it has decided to sell it. The price of has been kept at just Rs 5,999 dollars i.e. around 4.49 lakh rupees. Google has more than 4 million URLs on this domain, which will stop working as soon as Google’s ownership ends.

Google blogspot has been sold

Google’s domain was purchased by an Indian company on June 24 and is now being sold on another domain marketplace. In such a situation, there is a risk of spreading malware and viruses through it.

Google allowed its domain to return in June and is now for sale. The search giant implemented a feature in 2012 that redirects blogger blogs to specific blog spots URL fields accessed from links on this basis, and was one of them. To keep URLs up and running, domain holders, in this case Google, must pay a registration fee to renew their domain ownership. However, Google missed it and now the domain is for sale for just $ 5,999 (around Rs 4.49 lakh). The domain has over 40 million old URLs that stop working when Google ownership ceases.

When a user from a certain country tried to access the Blogger entry, a country-specific URL was opened in the user’s browser. It was implemented by Google in 2012 to “more quickly comply with content removal requests,” according to a report by BleepingComputer. But, about two years ago, Google stopped redirecting to country-specific URLs, one of which was The domain has 44 lakh links that Google maintained until June of this year, when it canceled its registration.

Google Let Google blogspot Domain Expire

The domain was reportedly purchased on June 24 by an Indian company called and is now selling on the Sedo domain market for $ 5,999. It can be used to spread malware, scams, or blackmail SEO. Practices, annotated publication.

However, it is important to note that Blogger sites are still active and should work as they should. If you have created a blogger blog it will continue to work as usual – the only problem is the old links that were created using .in pages. If you search for a blog today, you will get the correct result on Google, but if someone has linked to a blog post in the past and uses the .in link, it will not work anymore.

It is to be noted here that if you go to Blogspot at this time, you will find the site active and you can also create a new blog, but if you have an earlier blog which is at least five years old, then your You will not find the blog anymore.