EXIT POLL : Congress win in Rajasthan, divided on MP and Chhattisgarh


Voting has been done for the assembly elections of five states and on December 11 it will be known who will get the chair and who will get the exile. But in the evening the exit polls have come up with some indication that there is a greater chance of being in power. Let’s see below the Governor’s guess of exit poll.

EXIT POLL : Bitter fight in Madhya Pradesh

The exit poll clearly indicates that there is a thorn in the middle between the BJP and the Congress in Madhya Pradesh. But the Congress seems to get a slight increase. In seven out of seven poles, the Congress in the four and the BJP in two have been shown further, one is equal matter in one. According to the average pole, the Congress is likely to get 108 to 115 seats in the state, while BJP can get 105 to 112 seats here.

Bahujan Samaj Party can stop at just 2 seats. Both big parties are close to the majority of the 115 seats. As the exit poll estimates can be ten-five plus-minus, so if any seats have taken place here, then no team can compete. It seems from the estimates that there is not much effect of anti-incumbency in Madhya Pradesh, however Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan never got such a challenge before the Congress.

Return of Congress in Chhattisgarh?

If these trusts are confirmed on the maypole, then the situation in BJP is not good in Chhattisgarh too. According to the average of seven poles here, it can get success in 38 to 42 seats in 90 Assembly seats. The Congress sitting in the opposition can get 43 to 47 seats.

Four of the seven poles here have won or have been conquered by Congress while BJP is ahead in three. Bahujan Samaj Party and Ajit Jogi’s Chhattisgarh Janata Congress can get 5 seats. To get the majority here, any party will win 46 seats. Raman Singh has been in power for the last 15 years. It is understood that the people will no longer accept the continuation of government in the long run.

Congress ahead in all exit polls in Rajasthan

The history of Rajasthan is that its voters have not carried any party in power for two consecutive terms. This time it seems to be the same and the ruling BJP is heading towards defeat. Here is the full potential of winning Congress. On the basis of six Exit Polls, it can be said that in the state, the Congress will win a majority of 114 to 119 seats and the BJP will have to satisfy 72 to 77 seats.

Elections have been held on 199 seats in the assembly and 100 seats are needed for the majority.
The status of BJP in Rajasthan has been shocking since the beginning. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Sindhiya got the central leadership of the party, but she has been unpopular among a section of her own party. The style of his work has been criticized. Perhaps it has a great effect on the elections.

KCR huge return to Telangana

On the basis of Exit Poll it can be said that Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao’s decision to dissolve the Assembly prematurely was right for him. Their claim can be right and their party Telangana Rashtra Samiti will be able to overcome a majority of the majority. It can get between 65 to 74 seats in the state’s 119 seats. Here, 61 seats are necessary for the majority. The Congress-led People’s Front may have to be satisfied with 32 to 37 seats. Here, the BJP is likely to win 4-5 seats.
This time the KCR raised the issue of Telangana nationalism and demanded votes from the people on this basis. Apart from this, he also announced several schemes this time. The Congress had built the People’s Front, but perhaps its leaders did not fully understand their point of view. This may prompt the Congress campaign to create a national front against BJP all over the country.