Delhi News : Half of Delhi uses phones while driving, but only 48 fines a day


Even though the daily Delhi News challans issued for using the mobile phone .  While driving rose this year to nearly 48 (till October 31) .  It is a tiny dot compare to the overall 17,700 daily prosecutions . Curbing the use of mobile phone while driving it has not been the priority for the traffic police that cite several ‘practical problems’ in cracking down on such violators, in a city where the total number of vehicles has crossed the 10-million mark.

Delhi News : Half of Delhi uses phones while driving, but only 48 fines a day

As many as 47% respondents participating in a road safety survey in Delhi News admitted to regularly making or receiving calls while driving. But police data show that the number of prosecutions for the traffic rule violation remained dismally low.

In the last five years, less than 10 drivers were penalise daily for using phones while driving in Delhi News . During the same period, an average of 1,600 challans were issued daily to two-wheeler owners for not wearing helmets.

Delhi News : Half of Delhi uses phones while driving, but only 48 fines a day

Chief of Delhi News Traffic Police Dependra Pathak acknowledged that it was a serious problem.

“Use of mobile phones while driving greatly compromises safety and a large number of accidents take place because of it,” he said. Pathak said they have focussing on curbing the menace .  Which is evident from the increasing number of challans issued for the violation.

“Efficient traffic regulation, including preventing phone use while driving, is among top priorities of the police commissioner, Amulya Patnaik. We are falling back on the old method of policemen on bikes chasing and catching phone users. Besides, we will also soon get help from top quality CCTVs and body-worn cameras,” says Pathak.

“It is a huge concern as half of the city’s motorists are regularly indulging in an unsafe driving practices. Using phones while driving is a big reason for crashes,” says Piyush Tewari, founder of the SaveLife Foundation (SLF), which surveyed the practice of using phones while driving.

“Drivers are using mobile phones to kill boredom, entertain themselves and for work. They are not only making or answering calls, but even type text messages and use social media while driving. Urgent solutions are needed for this new-age violation,” he said.