Dark Phoenix Movie Full Hollywood movie in Hd mp4

Dark Phoenix X Man characters trailer movie in hindi

The studio dropped a last-time Dark Phoenix trailer . Which was release Dark Phoenix on February 14 for the new version of X-Men, but a day later . The first was postponed to frustrate the Chinese market .

The country will be in February between the Chinese New Year celebrations, a major festival of the film . Which is also an informal break, during which the authorities did not grant permission to import foreign titles. To help citizens.

Dark Phoenix Movie Full Hollywood movie in Hd mp4

“We felt June was a great opportunity for us worldwide,” said Simon Keenberg, screenwriter, producer and producer. “More screens, more IMAX screens, better read in China, where these films are tracked very importantly.” Digiintern

Professor X (James McAvoy) said, “Ladies and gentlemen, NASA, here is Charles Xavier.” “Assistance coming.”

“We’re doing space missions now,” adds Speedster QuickSilver (Ivan Peters). “Cold”.

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X-Men launches mission to save NASA spacecraft (right) in “Dark Phoenix”

Dark Phoenix X Man characters trailer movie in hindi

As seen in the previous section, “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” sends X-Men as part of a space rescue mission to save  . The crew that the shuttle confirmed from NASA in the classroom. In the new trailer released by 20th Century Fox on April 17 . The shuttle became out of control and a huge cloud of energy appeared.

“We have astronauts, we bring them home,” says Shibshafer Mystic (Jennifer Lawrence) in the trailer.

Thus, the black mutant team becomes a chimney-space plane (do you remember when it was SR-71?), But the task is not going well.

Dark Phoenix X Man  movie in hindi

Of course, X-Men thanked the astronauts (in the orange diving suit decorated with the old “worm” logo for NASA, doing nothing). Thanks to Cody Smit-McAfee Teleport Night Robot. But the gray gene in the telenet team (Sophie Turner) is not very lucky. As we saw in the first trailer .  Jean was trap in the shuttle and bombarde with “cosmic force” which, instead of being able to return to Earth, only exacerbated the problems.

In a summary of the film, entitled 20th Century Fox, he wrote: “Assassinating self-destructing monsters, as well as this rapidly unstable force, from drug control to genes, the separation of the X-Men family and our planet’s threat.

Dark Phoenix Movie in hd mp4

This is the first 30 seconds of the new two-minute trailer, which can provide insight into the super-destruction of the Gene Gray truck, which can cause astral power. quora

Summarizing the summary “The film is by far the most intense and emotional X-Men movie.” “This is the culmination of 20 years of X-Men movies, as a family of mutants we know and we love to face their most destructive enemy – and yet one of them.”

However, there is a possibility that this film will be caught in the Chinese box office with “Avengers: Endgame”, which has become marketable, with a 99% market share, release Wednesday in the Middle Kingdom. Since I was. Movies in China are usually given only one month in cinemas, but artists often have an extra month and can see the “end of the game” in cinemas at the end of June.