COVID 19 :- 4 Haryana Districts Including Gurgaon To Fall Under “Red Zone”

COVID 19 Haryana

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said on Saturday that four districts, including Gurgaon, which reported the maximum number of COVID-19 cases, would be declared as “red zone”, which meant investigating the spread of coronavirus Strict restrictions will be imposed in the areas.

Of the more than 160 reported cases in the state, four districts – Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noonh and Palwal – have more than 100 cases. Several areas have already been declared as control zones in these districts.

After interacting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a video conference, Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar said in a television address this evening that the “signs” from the meeting were that the lockdown has been extended for two weeks.

COVID 19 Haryana Districts Including Gurgaon To Fall Under “Red Zone”

Regarding Haryana, he said, the state would be divided into three categories – the worst affected area would be declared a red zone. Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noonh and Palwal are in that category.

The remaining 18 districts will be divided into two categories – the “weak” areas in the orange category, where coronovirus cases are lower than the areas most affected.

The third category would be the areas with minimal effect of coronovirus. However, the lockdown will continue in all three categories. He said the ban could be beneficial for economic activities in areas least affected by the virus.

covid 19 haryana


Mr. Khattar said that all the Chief Ministers gave their suggestions to the Prime Minister and most of them said that the nationwide lockout should be continued from April 14 onwards.

“A formal announcement will be made by the Prime Minister but we all should be ready,” he said.

Mr Khattar said the Chief Ministers said that increasing the lockdown could help prevent the spread of the virus and the Prime Minister insisted that now focus on “Jan Bhai, Jahan Hai”.

He said that during the meeting it was informed that economic activities have stopped and it is difficult for any nation or state to keep them postponed for a long time. If the lockdown is extended, the Prime Minister has indicated that some arrangements will be made so that small enterprises can resume.

He said that the Chief Minister also raised issues related to farmers.

Social discrimination planning committees will be formed, which will work at the village, block, district, city level and decide which industries can be allowed to run.

Movement of raw materials and finished goods will be allowed.

COVID 19 Haryana

To ensure that there is no rush when people go out to buy essential items such as vegetables, it has been decided to extend the period for which such stores can open.

He said banks have been asked to make an arrangement so that customers can request “tokens” over the phone to reduce congestion at bank branches.

He said that the number of mobile dispensaries will be increased from 250 to 500 to provide health services including medicines.

It emerged during the chief ministers’ meeting that the areas should be classified based on the severity of the spread, he said.

Mr. Khattar, who had urged people to step out of their house whenever he said, is now very necessary and they should make it a habit “as we dress.”