Things to keep in Mind Before Buying A Water Purifier for your Home

Things to keep in Mind Before Buying A Water Purifier for your Home

Water is a vital substance, and it is essential to take the necessary measures to keep it free from pollutants and dust particles. Thus, water purifier play an indispensable role. There are several manufacturers of water purifiers across the globe. With a large number of brands, it can become confusing to choose the best one according to your requirements. The list of products is endless, and all of them are high-quality items. 

Several things need to be kept in mind before choosing a water purifier to ensure that it is safe for drinking. This is also important for the maintenance of healthy well-being. Some of these points are as follows:

Things to keep in Mind Before Buying A Water Purifier for your Home

RO, UF, or UV: Which is right for you?

To understand and decide which type of water purifier works best for you, it is essential to first know the different kinds of water purifiers. These are as follows:

UV (Ultra-Violet) Water Purifier 

Treatment by a UV water purifier is one of the most basic forms of filtrations. These water purifiers use UV radiation to kill germs. In these purifiers, water is forced using a tube and then exposed to UV radiation. This UV technology is easy to maintain and completely free from chemicals. The only downside of this water purifier is that TDS cannot be eliminated, nor the bacteria are removed that are killed by the radiations. Thus, the treated water continues to contain the dead organisms that are killed.

RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Purifier 

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. A RO water purifier is one of the best water purifiers in the market. The RO water purifier makes use of force in the concentrated water area. The water then flows through the semi-permeable membrane, which ultimately gives pure RO Water. This process eliminates harmful particles and, at the same time, removes dissolved solids. The hard water then gets converted into soft water, making it fit for consumption. RO water purifiers have a pre-filter, a carbon filter, a sediment filter, and a RO membrane enabled in them. This ensures that natural nutrients and minerals are retained for a healthy lifestyle.

UF (Ultra Filtration) Water Purifier

The Ultra Filtration (UF) water purifiers are another excellent form of filtration. They make use of UF technology, without needing any electricity to remove the large particles, suspended solids as well as molecules from the water with the help of a hollow membrane. A UF water purifier is capable of killing and removing microorganisms and bacteria but cannot remove dissolved solids. They also cannot convert hard water to soft water, which can be done by a RO Purifier. This provides you with RO water that is completely clean. It is advisable to use a RO UV water purifier, along with UF filtration, to enhance your drinking experience.

Things to keep in Mind Before Buying A Water Purifier for your Home

Multi-step Purifiers for the Modern-day Needs

To achieve comprehensive purification, you should go for water purifiers that have multi-stage filtration technologies. You can use pre-filters as well as post-filters to reduce maintenance and repair costs. Having a multi-step purification process for water can also help in maintaining its correct pH level.

Determine the Water Quality

The quality of tap water in your area, as well as the water usage habits of your household, determine which water purifier you should opt for. In case the amount of salt collected in the purifier is more

than 80 percent, you should go for a RO filter so that water filtration can be done correctly. This also purifies the water, making it drinkable.

After buying the right purifier, it is also important to regularly maintain it so that the quality of water is maintained. Also, do not forget to check and replace the filters and other components of the water purifier whenever required.

Storage capacity

It is also crucial for one to understand the amount of storage that is needed for the purifier and buy one accordingly. There are several purifiers available in the market that have different capacities. Go for a water purifier that fits your needs and requirements and choose the storage capacity accordingly. Most of the well-known water purifiers have an average capacity of 5 to 10 liters.

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