2 Years of Demonetisation : The decision of the government was right or not ?

2 Years of Demonetisation

Hello Frnds Lets talk about an important topic of 2 Years of Demonetisation . Here there are the question is in the Demonetisation The decision of the government was right or not . Lets we discuss some of facts that has been say by govt or public .

2 Years of Demonetisation

2 Years of Demonetisation

In there govt says that demonetisation is an good decision for Indian economy . Here are the some facts that Govt says

Demonetisation Increase Digitalization 

In that point govt says that the Demonetisation is for Digitalization . Because in the Demonetisation public forced to move cash to Digital

Are you agree?

Demonetisation Increase Tax Payers

In that point govt says in the financial year of Demonetisation tax payers are increases in record Level .

Are you agree?

Demonetisation Effects Naksali & Terrorism

In that point govt says that in the demonetisation effects terrorism & naksali in higher level . They stops terror funding

Are you agree?

Demonetisation Decrease Corruption 

In that point govt says that demonetisation decrease corruption

Are you agree?

2 Years of Demonetisation

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Some of thing of Demonetisation that political party says

Where is a black money which they came out in Demonetisation 

At RBI Report says 99.9% money came back in Demonetisation . So the question is where is Black money

Demonetisation Breaks MSME 

MSME is called Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises  . In the demonetisation many of MSME get lose on there business because they running there business on cash

Demonetisation Decrease GDP

Demonetisation decrease GDP at higher level at that we lose 7 lac crore

Demonetisation increase Fake currency & Terrorism

At Demonetisation you see many of matters are coming of Fake currency because in new currency you could not define its fake or not